Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Winter and Spring Have Been Full of Blessings!

Snapshots of the past few months...

Meet Brad and Brittany- This great couple lived with us for a month while Brad helped out in the Makarios clinic and Brittany served in the school (and also helped Margaret!)  Brad is in medical school and he came to the DR to fulfill a requirement and we quickly put both of them to work.  Their gifts were a perfect fit in the school since Brad was able to work on the medical side, and Brittany helped out with Special Education, which is her background.  Everyone instantly fell in love with this dynamic couple.  Brittany is proficient in Creole, so she was a hit with the local Haitians, and Brad’s compassionate demeanor made him popular with the students. 
The Kindergarten Class Thanks Them On Their Last Day
Our Last Night Together

FEBRUARY- We welcomed a team of 4 who came in from Austin.  Brandon and Brent, along with 2 of our Austin staff (Chuck & Chris) were on a Vision Trip to get a first-hand view of Makarios before bringing a team of 27 to the DR this summer. We put a saw in their hands and they jumped right in...

They were a huge help in building bunk beds to prepare for our team of 43 who were coming in March.  After the flood in November, Makarios gave away beds to students and other members in this community who lost their belongings.  To read an account of the flood and how it affected the family of our sweet teacher, Yomo, click on Sarah, one of our teachers, wrote what she and Yomo experienced the night of the flood.

We also enjoyed celebrating Independence Day with the seemed like the whole town of Montellano was either IN the parade or watching the parade.  We had fun watching the kids in our neighborhood march in the parade and it was fun to run into our friends who also came out to celebrate.

MARCH- A huge shout out to Hill Country Christian School in Austin, Tx.  They brought a crew of 43 high school students and leaders who were AMAZING!  They helped out at the school in a variety of ways, they paved an area of the school that was in need of some attention, and they ministered to the children in the community where we live. We loved seeing them share the gospel with over 70 kids who live within walking distance of our home.  It was a GREAT week!  They were a huge blessing to us, Makarios, and this community.  You can definitely say that they were the hands and feet of Christ!  To read more click on

APRIL- Currently, we are busy busy busy getting ready for the summer groups!  We will have groups coming throughout the summer, so we have been actively preparing for them.  We are also excited about the 4 interns who will be living with us this summer.  They will be helping at the school, with groups, and one will be a nanny.  We can’t wait.

In MAY, we will be hosting the new principal, Laurie Majcher, who just joined our team!  Joe and Laurie Majcher and their 3 kids will be moving here this summer.  They will be coming in May to look for housing, a car, and to just get acquainted to this new place that they will call home!

And finally, we are excited to have our niece and nephew, Stewart and Hallie, join us for 2 weeks at the end of May.  They came with us last summer on our mission trip and wanted to return, so they have graciously offered to come and help us with the last minute preparations before teams start to arrive.  We already have a long list for them and are thankful for their servant’s hearts.  They will also have a chance to interact and minister to the children in our neighborhood as well as in the villages.  We can’t wait for them to get here.
Here's Our Group Picture from Last Summer With Stewart and Hallie

Thank you for the constant love, prayers and support.  We are grateful for those who support us financially, prayerfully, and emotionally so that we can do what God has called us to do in the Dominican Republic.

With Love and Grateful Hearts,
The Becks

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