Thursday, February 7, 2013

December and January- Our Photo Album

Here are a few snapshots of what we've been up to for the past few months...

At the end of November, we hosted a team from Church on the Rock in Canada.  They were doing missions in Haiti and stayed with us for a quick stop-over.  Such a great blessing to have them in our home.

Flood Relief Update.  Things are finally getting back to normal.  Thank you for your prayers and giving.  For more details, click on  Makarios Flood Update
The day after the flood
The new school grounds

Staff Christmas Party- We hosted the annual Christmas party for the Makarios Staff and their families.  We had over 65 people come to celebrate.  It was a great night of food and festivities.
The proud winners of the "Reindeer Games"

Christmas- We spent Christmas Eve celebrating with Josh and Jen and their 5 precious kids.  Then, on Christmas Day, we took treats to our neighbors and enjoyed visiting with them.  Later that evening, we worshipped at our church with a few of our neighbors. 
Delivering cookies to Francis
at the local colmado
Treats for Santa and her 2 children,
Samita and Samuel

Worshipping at church with Sylvia, Michelina, and Inea

The Youngs- Darren, Becky, Jenna, and Audrey have been living with us since December 30.  Darren is the new doctor at Makarios and we have enjoyed having them at the Mak House.  They recently found a home and will be moving out this weekend.

Austin Stone College Students-Wow…what can we say.  They were awesome and such an amazing blessing.  To find out more about their trip, check out their blog by clicking Austin Stone College Trip Jan 2013
Austin Stone College!

Dr. Bud Neely with our neighbor, Isaac!
Dental Team January 2013- Dr. Bud has been bringing a team down to do dental work on the staff and students for 6 years.  This year, they saw over 120 patients during the 5 days they were here, and one child put his faith in Christ right there in the dentist chair!  Such a blessing.

Dr. Rebecca Schneider
Cindy the Hygenist
We even got in on some of the fun!

So, just a glimpse of what we've been up to in December and January.  There's so much more, but hopefully that will give you a picture of our life here in the D.R.

We are excited about February- it looks like it will be a busy month! We will have lots of people coming and going and staying at the Mak House.  In fact, it’s been quite active around here.  We will have had at least one person staying with us from December 30 until March 16th.

God continues to show His faithfulness to us in countless ways.  We feel so blessed and are amazed at what He is doing through the ministry of Makarios.  Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and partnership!

With ThankFILLED Hearts,
The Becks

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