Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Team #3- Austin Stone Family Trip


The family group from Austin Stone arrived on the scene on June 28.  It was a totally different dynamic having kids in the home and as group members and we LOVED it!  Nine kids and eleven adults called the Mak House "home" for eight days.  It filled our hearts with joy to see all the kids pile into one guagua (aka: van) as we traveled from place to place.

It was such a blessing having kids in the house- the neighborhood kids loved having playmates their own age, and the American staff kids (all 7 of them) came over every day to play, too.  Each day when the team would arrive home, there would be kids waiting for them at the gate of the Mak house to play.  Some days, the kids would wait as long as an hour for the team to get home. 

It was also nice to have our own personal handyman on the trip.  He fixed the handle on the oven and the oven door, repaired our trash bin outside, made a cage for the rabbits, etc.  We also had our pile of wood organized by some group members as well as getting other things done around the house.  Actually, it was a huge help to have some mom and dads around.  Mom and Dads make everything better and know how to do everything.

This group worked around the clock- they didn't stop.  They made the most of rain delays and in fact, I think that they welcomed the rain because it brought cooler weather AND gave them a chance to swing a sledge hammer and knock out some countertops in the old kitchen.  Men and women alike tackled the renovation of demolishing the concrete countertops.  They also sanded and painted the wall around the school, played at recess, participated in a soccer camp, and they ministered to the neighborhood kids by doing something we call "Mak.Com" which stands for Makarios Community.  The neighborhood kids came over for a Bible Lesson, English Class, and a craft.  I was so impressed by all of the children who were on this team.  They worked so hard and played non-stop with the kids at the school and in our neighborhood.  It was refreshing to see the language "barrier" not be a barrier at all.  They jumped right in and played and loved without any hesitation.  It was awesome! 

After serving, praying, worshipping, and playing alongside each other for 8 days, they left the DR with lifelong friendships.  Thank you Austin Stone Family Group for blessing us and Makarios.

The Becks


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Team #2- Fellowship Church Round Rock

The Team!

After a very efficient grocery shopping trip!
We had another amazing week with our summer group #2, Fellowship Round Rock.  They arrived on the scene on June 14 and were with us until June 22.  We had a quick turnaround between Group #1 and Group #2.  In fact, we had about 3 hours to turn over the house which involved cleaning bathrooms, making 26 beds, washing the towels and sheets from the previous week, and grocery shopping for 30 people.  Thankfully, we have 4 amazing interns who helped me do my grocery shopping  (We looked like we were in the game show, Supermarket Sweep with our 5 shopping carts!) and I have a wonderful friend and housekeeper, Lucia, who lovingly helps me with the bathrooms, beds, etc.  She and her son, Abrahan, do a fabulous job every week cleaning and making the Makarios House a place where people can encounter the Lord.  God has provided an amazing team of people to serve alongside us this summer.  It's awesome to see the body of Christ at work!

Brandon and Jules- The Group Leaders

Fellowship Round Rock didn't waste any time and they jumped right in and started off their week visiting Chichigua, which is one of the villages that Makarios serves.  They played with the kids and spent time visiting with some of the adults in this community.  It was a great way to begin their week

This group was a blessing to have in our home.  The theme they chose for the week was "Grace" and it was evident that they were applying this concept to areas of their life as well as to different aspects of the
Building the Shed
trip.  Living (or visiting) a country different than your own can have some challenges.  This group made the most of having to adjust to having no A/C, constant power outages, and schedule changes because of the rain.  It was a joy to witness God at work in their lives.  They built a maintenance shed which will be a huge help to the school, they took the 2nd and 3rd grade kids to the beach, played with the students during recess, and enjoyed entertaining the neighborhood kids.

Progress is Being Made...
Working and Playing at Makarios


Soccer Camp!

On the last day, we took the team to the beach to process what God had taught them and prepare them for their re-entry into the States.  It was also a nice chance to get some R&R after a week of blood, sweat, and tears. (Literally!)  God had been at work among us-

At the end of the day, there were 2 people who asked to be baptized.  So, we gathered as a team- worshipped and prayed- and then witnessed God's Grace as one student and one adult were baptized in the ocean.


As I stood on the beach watching God at work, I was reminded of the conversation Doug and I had at the end of our 1st trip to the DR in 2011.  I was standing almost in the exact spot where we first began talking about feeling called to work with Makarios in the DR.  As I watched and heard the roar of the ocean waves, I couldn't help but think about God's creation, His power, and His glory.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect week.  Thank You, Fellowship Round Rock for being the hands and feet of Christ...

Love from the DR,
The Becks