Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Team #1- Westminster Presbyterian and University Presbyterian Church, Austin

On June 14, we welcomed 26 students and adults from Westminster Presbyterian and University Presbyterian in Austin to the Dominican Republic.  We had no idea what a blessing that was in store for us.  This team came prepared to serve and they worked wholeheartedly throughout the entire week. We were blessed by the students and their leaders and we were so encouraged by their generosity and positive attitudes!  Unfortunately, we were without power for much of the time they were here, but not once did we hear any complaining.  In fact, many of them commented that it was good for them to not have some of the “comforts” from home.

Makarios Students at the Beach...with NEW Swimsuits!

Our New PK3 Students Learning How to Brush Their Teeth

Walking Through A Village Visiting with Friends

Working hard at the school
Soccer Game!  One of our teachers, Cakito, has a soccer camp 
for kids in the neighborhood.
Check out their new uniforms  that were donated.
They are SO proud of their new uniforms and cleats!
During the week, the team worked hard painting, landscaping, playing with the Makarios students at Recess, taking Makarios students to the beach, and helping with a soccer camp.  They even had time to minister to the kids in our neighborhood (who are not involved in the school.)  On their last day here, over 30 of the neighborhood kids came over and the group re-enacted “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” while Erica (our intern) translated. 
Daniel and the Lions
A Captive Audience
The kids (even the older ones) loved it!  They also did a craft, played sports and learned English.  It was a great morning and a perfect way to wrap up the week.  
Hope you enjoyed just a few of their pics from their time here.  UPC and WPC- THANK YOU...we are grateful for you!Love, The Becks

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Introducing The Interns!

We have a dynamic group of ladies who will be joining us this summer.  They arrived on June 4 and have already added so much life an joy in our home.  They will be helping at the school, with groups, and one will be a nanny for our director and his family.  We will be their host mom and dad for the summer and we are thrilled.  Please be praying for them as they minister to Makarios students, groups, the community, and a host of other people throughout the summer.

Meet the Interns:
Lainey, Allison, Erica, and Angie

Lainey- I will be a senior at TCU studying political science.  This will be my fourth time here with Makarios and I am looking forward to what God has in store for the summer.  In the fall I am headed to Washington DC for a semester.  Random fact about me is that I am obsessed with dinosaurs and Star Wars.  

Allison - My family is from Germantown, TN but I went to undergrad and grad school in Birmingham.  The Lord has been very present to me in this season of my life; more than ever before. He has led me here to the DR and then to Dallas in the fall for next year.  I look forward to this exciting adventure.  A random fact about me is this is my first time out of the country.  

Erica- I am from Houston, TX but currently live in Austin where I go to college.  I am a junior at the University of Texas where I am studying corporate finance.  A fun fact about me is that I am a longhorn to the core and I have a longhorn named Sadie that is pregnant!  I was here in January and worked with the kindergarten class that I will be teaching this summer.  I fell in love with the people here and God has been faithful to give me more time to serve this summer. 

Angie- I am usually a third grade teacher in Vancouver, WA.  I also lead worship at my church for the youth program.  I am excited to be in the DR and looking forward to working with Makarios students.  It has been exciting to see God open doors to bring me here this summer.  My random fact is I have a dog named Bella. 

Our summer is off to a great start!  Our first group of the summer arrived on June 9 and we can't say enough great things about University Presbyterian and Westminster Presbyterian from Austin.  What an amazing blessing they have been!  We'll share more about their week in our next blog post.

Thanks for your partnership...and joining us on the journey.

The Becks

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer is Almost HERE!

Constructing a Bookshelf
Hanging Signs for Group Members
We have had a very productive 2 weeks!  Our niece and nephew from Houston came down to visit us and help us prepare for our summer teams.  They worked so hard and helped us tremendously.  We built beds, constructed bookshelves, made repairs, set up our prayer wall, planted plants, painted lots of things, shared the gospel with neighborhood kids, and got organized for the summer teams.  It was fun and rewarding to serve alongside our family.  They came to the DR to serve with Makarios last summer and it was such a blessing to have them here again.  Stewart was also able to re-connect with Cakito who he became friends with last summer.  A huge “thank you” to Stewart and Hallie.
Our Prayer Wall-
We pray for each Makarios Student
Organizing all the Menus and Recipes
 for all  the groups this summer
Planting Trees
A game of baseball with our neighbors
Sharing the gospel with 30 neighborhood kids
Stewart and Cakito
Moving Beds

We are anxiously awaiting our 4 summer interns to arrive on June 4 and our first group arrives on June 9th.  We've had a great Spring and we're ready for the summer season to begin.  

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support...and for joining us on the journey.

Love from the DR,
The Becks