Saturday, June 10, 2017

Logos Prep is in the House

We were delighted to host Logos Prep for the 3rd time this past May.  Our partnership with this school has been such a blessing and we appreciate their commitment to being a part of the Makarios family.

Outdoor Movie Night
for our neighbors
For the first time ever, we hosted a "Movie Night" and invited those who live around us.  We made several pounds of popcorn and showed the movie on a big screen under our newly constructed (and recently finished) patio.  The gospel was shared and many Bibles were handed out.  It was fun night that was full of energy and such a blessing and a treat to our neighbors and friends. 

Fun was had by all at the 3rd grade pool party at the Mak House.  Logos Prep sponsors the 3rd grade class at Makarios and so it was awesome to see the students from both schools interact.  They played in the water, ate lunch together, played a giant game of Jenga, and even played a game of "telephone" in English and Spanish!  If interested in finding out more about a classroom sponsorship, click HERE.

One of my personal highlights from the week was seeing the interaction between one of the students on the trip and her sponsor student.  A student's family from Logos Prep sponsors Emmerson, and she was able to meet him during her trip.  Emmerson was so excited to show her his class, where he sits and where he keeps his school supplies.  After school, they walked to his house where she had the opportunity to meet his dad.  It's partnerships like this that speaks to the heart of what Makarios is all about and what we are called to do in the Dominican Republic.


Our greatest need right now is sponsorship for our local Dominican and Haitian teachers.  If interested in learning more, click HERE to see which teachers need to be sponsored.  This is such a great investment.  Doug and I sponsor 2 teachers and have been blessed to be a part of this sponsorship program.  We have AMAZING teachers who invest deeply in the lives of the Makarios students.  What a great investment!

Logos Prep was also instrumental in helping us prepare for the summer teams. They cleaned, painted, moved furniture, did yard work and so much more.  They helped us accomplish things that have been on our list for several years that we just never have time to get done.  It was a great feeling to finally mark those things off our list.

Thank you, Logos Prep, for loving and caring for the staff and students of Makarios.  You are like family to us.  We are grateful for your partnership and look forward to seeing you next year!

The Becks

"Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the LORD, because you know that your labor in the LORD is not in vain."
1 Corinthians 15:58

POOL PARTY AT THE MAK HOUSE for the 3rd graders