Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gracias Logos Prep!

We had a tremendous "End of the Year" and Logos Prep in Sugarland, Tx played a significant role in our week long festivities. Our partnership started with them when we first moved to the DR to work with Makarios.  My sister, Elizabeth, is a kindergarten teacher at Logos and for the past few years her classes have done chores to raise money for a water well, library books, and uniform shoes as well as written personal letters to the students in the kindergarten class at Makarios.  However, over this past year we have been encouraged as our partnership has grown.  

Mak Students with Letters from Students from
Logos Prep Kindergarten Classes
This past week, Greg Anderson, the director of Student Life at Logos Prep, led a team of 24 students and 5 adults to serve alongside us in the DR.  They were a huge blessing to us before they even stepped off the plane.  Logos Prep generously collected supplies for the Makarios School as well as the Mak House.  They loaded up10 supply bags and 4 storage trunks all weighing close to 50lbs!  We were blessed by their generosity!  In addition, Greg has been in communication with Laurie, our principal at Makarios, on ways their school can help train our teachers to make Makarios an excellent educational facility.  A beautiful partnership has formed between the 2 schools and Makarios, DR is grateful.

Making bags of rice and beans for our students
to take home over the 2 week break
This team hit the ground running!  We had a host of activities planned for them including teaching in the classrooms, manual labor, Vacation Bible School at the Mak House, village visits, bagging rice and beans for 150 students,  a Water Day for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders and Logos Prep came prepared with 2 water slides, super soakers and water games galore.  Their trip culminated with the end of school year production at the school!  They set up chairs, decorated, made and served 400 hotdogs+15 cakes, and cleaned up afterwards.  This was a blessing to our teachers and staff who are usually the ones who are doing prepping and cleaning.  This year, the teachers were able to attend the performance and focus on celebrating with their students on the last day of class while Logos Prep did all the "behind the scenes" work.

It was so fun to have Logos Prep here and an additional blessing was to serve alongside Stewart and Hallie, our niece and nephew.  They served with us in 2012 and have been back to visit us on several occasions, but it was fun to have them here on a team, serving alongside their classmates and friends.

All in all, this team was a JOY to host!  There is a deep sense of contentment when you serve alongside others who share the same vision for education and ministry, as well as their love for the Lord.  The students and leaders where a huge source of encouragement to us.  I am excited about this partnership and look forward to how God is going to use Makarios and Logos Prep to further His Kingdom.  “Not to us, but to God be the glory for the things He has done.”  Logos Prep…we can't thank you enough!  See you next year!

Here is the video we made for Logos Prep 2 years ago after the kindergarten classes donated money for a water well.

If you are interested in helping out financially with our ministry with Makarios, you can give a special or monthly donation by clicking here.

As always, thank you for joining us on this journey.  We are blessed!

Love from the DR,
The Becks

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