Friday, November 14, 2014

Our October Teams

After spending a few weeks in the States visiting friends and family, and 2 weeks in Guatemala for language school, we returned to the DR and hit the ground running...

Cedarville University- October 14-19

 Cedarville University boasts as graduates our very own Sharla Megilligan, founder of Makarios as well as our medical staff of Darren and Becky Young.  The students at CU are working to raise money for Makarios and this group of 10 came to check out the ministry first-hand to better inform their classmates of the needs and value in partnering with us for the Gospel.  If these students represent CU, then it is a fine school, as we were incredibly blessed by them.

The team spent time with Makarios kids at the school and in their villages and got to participate in an outreach in one of the villages that our chaplain Cakito organized.  Joining with adults and youth in Pancho Mateo, the group helped clean, repaint and fortify the local basketball court where many community activities take place.  Then, at the end of the week, group members shared their testimonies of how God has changed their lives leading into a Gospel presentation led by Cakito.  It was a joy for the team be able to join in on the ministry happening in Pancho Mateo…thank you Cedarville!  We look forward to having them back in May when they return for a week long trip.  A special shout out goes to Scott Huck for the pics!  To see more pics of this week, you can go to Scott Huck's Page

Medical Team- October 25- November 1
Our medical team from Ohio made their annual trip to the school in late October to provide service for all of our kids and staff.  This 6 member team saw about 275 children and adults in 4 days, working tirelessly to bless our students and their families with expert medical care.  The cafeteria was turned into a doctor’s clinic for the week, and each student’s family was invited to come and get checked out by the team free of charge.  The team leader Julia, who has come on the medical trip for the past 4 years was encouraged because each time she returns she sees the kids in better health overall, which means the kids are growing up healthier and stronger than they were a few years ago.  It was a blessing to watch them play and interact with the kids during their breaks.

This team was a joy for Margaret and I to host as well.  Five of the members were on their first Makarios trip but adapted easily to the different conditions and surroundings.  We even provided them (unintentionally) with some on-again off-again electricity to give them the full Makarios experience.  Margaret and I enjoyed getting to know them and being able to provide a way they could use their God-given skills and compassion to serve our school in this unique way.  Thanks medical team!

And again, we are grateful for all of those who join us in the journey...

The Becks

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