Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Stoller Group- Few in Numbers but MIGHTY in Service!

Mixing concrete for the shed in the background 
What a great week we had with the Stoller family.  We were blessed to have a multigenerational team consisting of a son, father and grandfather.  Win and his family came on a trip during the summer of 2012 and returned again this time with his son, Pete (affectionately known as "Pedro) and his father, Herb who was lovingly called "Abuelo" by the locals.  (Abuelo means grandfather.).

Constructing and installing screens in our kitchen windows!

This crew jumped right in and were eager to help with whatever we needed.  They helped with the mixing of concrete for our shed that our previous group started, they made screens for the kitchen windows, they led chapel, they started working on developing a design for our office layout at the school, and they played their hearts out with the kids at school and in our neighborhood.

Making bracelets

Every child who attends Makarios is sponsored by individuals or families who live in the States.  One of the perks of being on the front lines is seeing sponsors connect and develop relationships with the students they sponsor.  Over the past 2 years, Win and his family have had the privilege of supporting Alesandro, one of the students at Makarios. One afternoon, they were able to spend a few hours visiting with his family in his home and then they took Alesandro to get ice cream.  What a rich blessing to witness these connections!  It was great to see the Stoller family love on Alesandro and encourage him to do well in school and to walk with Jesus.
Visiting Alessandro and his family in their home

Herb and Pete teaching in chapel
They concluded their week by teaching the neighborhood kids the story when Jesus called his disciples to follow him and be fishers of men.  Herb created 4 drawings that illustrated the story while Pete read from a Spanish Bible.  They brought supplies so that the children could make a fishing pole and paper fish to take home as a reminder of the story.  It was so creative and the the kids LOVED it!  It is our hearts desire that these children grow up to love God and to be fishers of men!
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This group was such a blessing to our staff, students, neighborhood, and to us personally.  Thank you, Stoller Family for the countless ways you ministered to Makarios!

And, thank you for joining us on the journey.

Love from the DR,
The Beck's

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