Monday, February 24, 2014

Smile! This Won't Hurt a Bit...

Dr Bud and the Gang!

Look at how cool I am...
I just saw the dentist!
Earlier this month, we were blessed again with a visit from the dentist!  Dr. Bud has been bringing teams down for many years and Makarios is always excited to see him.  One of the blessings of having the same dentist come year after year is that the students know him and they know that he loves them.  As you can imagine, this builds tremendous trust with the kiddos- Dr. Bud and his gang know how to love on these students.  They give out fun prizes to every child who sees the dentist or hygienist and for those students who have a tooth pulled, Dr. Bud treats them to ice cream.  What a great dentist, right?  We were encouraged to hear that every year he can see improvements with the student’s dental health.

Look!  Clean Teeth!
We had some equipment glitches that come with being in a developing country but the dental team was patient and persevered through the challenging situations.  All in all, we were able to provide dental care for our students as well as our staff.  They even made time to visit one of the villages and encourage those families!

Such a special shout out to Dr. Bud, his wife Karen, Cindy & Richard, Dr. Amalia Myers, Katherine, Susan and Kim.  Thanks for all the sacrifices you made to come and serve Makarios, and for encouraging and blessing us, personally.

And…thank you for joining us on the Journey!

The Becks

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