Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer is Almost HERE!

Constructing a Bookshelf
Hanging Signs for Group Members
We have had a very productive 2 weeks!  Our niece and nephew from Houston came down to visit us and help us prepare for our summer teams.  They worked so hard and helped us tremendously.  We built beds, constructed bookshelves, made repairs, set up our prayer wall, planted plants, painted lots of things, shared the gospel with neighborhood kids, and got organized for the summer teams.  It was fun and rewarding to serve alongside our family.  They came to the DR to serve with Makarios last summer and it was such a blessing to have them here again.  Stewart was also able to re-connect with Cakito who he became friends with last summer.  A huge “thank you” to Stewart and Hallie.
Our Prayer Wall-
We pray for each Makarios Student
Organizing all the Menus and Recipes
 for all  the groups this summer
Planting Trees
A game of baseball with our neighbors
Sharing the gospel with 30 neighborhood kids
Stewart and Cakito
Moving Beds

We are anxiously awaiting our 4 summer interns to arrive on June 4 and our first group arrives on June 9th.  We've had a great Spring and we're ready for the summer season to begin.  

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support...and for joining us on the journey.

Love from the DR,
The Becks

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  1. Margaret & Doug! We miss you both!
    Loved seeing your latest post with pictures. My Bible Study leader's son, Chris Moore, will be coming in June with Austin Stone to Makarios. Hope you can get to know him. The McWilliams and The Bates have our Community Group going on Sunday nights at 7:30 at our apartment. If you are ever in Austin, please come. We would love to see you both. Blessings!