Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Flood

This was taken as the school.  
You can see the flood water level on the columns.
 It was 3-4 feet high
The last 2 people from the Medical Team left on Friday, November 9  and later that night, we experienced a terrible flood that affected many of our students, staff, community and school.  We received a call around 11:00pm from Josh, our Director in the DR, to come immediately to the school and “bring the truck.”  We were there within minutes, but it was too late.  The road was already blocked off and the flood waters were waist deep.  There was also a rescue taking place right before our very eyes.  Josh, Sarah & Yomo (2 teachers) had all gone to check on the school.  When they saw how high the water was and how quickly it was rising, Josh told us to meet him at Yomo’s house.  Yomo’s lives near the river and they were afraid that her house might be affected by the rising water.  We winded our way through the narrow streets and driving rain and finally arrived at her home but it was already under water.  The water was so high and rushing so quickly that Margaret had to stay at the truck while Josh, Doug, Andy and Sarah went to help Yomo’s family save what they could from her home.  They were not able to stay long because of the rising water.  When we got back into our truck, we saw that we had missed a call from a teacher who lives in our neighborhood.  His house had rising water, too.  So, we headed over there.  Again, we were not able to reach their home because of the rising water.  In order to get to his home, Doug and Josh had to cross the river that was now rushing through streets.  Once they got there they helped put some of their belongings under a tarp on higher ground and then brought Lucia (who works at the Mak House) and the children back across the river to our truck.  They all spent the remaining of the night with us.  The water rose so quickly with little to no warning.  The flash flood was a result of heavy rain in the mountains that raced without any discretion, taking out everything in its path through our little town.  The next morning when we arrived at the school, we couldn’t believe the destruction to the school and the surrounding villages.

We didn't have our camera to document the damage, but here are some pics from some of our staff as well as Esther Havens.

Our cafeteria became a stopping place for items recovered from the classrooms.
There was a pile for the "good" the "bad" and the "ugly."

Our Kindergarten Classroom.
Dena, the teacher, said it looked like a scene from the Titanic
Sifting through books in the library

The destruction of a local home

This is how high the flood waters came in his home

Cleaning up the flood at the school
Books taken out of our new library
A neighbor who lives near the school.  She told Esther she
was thankful to God to be alive.

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