Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Doctors are coming!...The Doctors are coming!

Our first group of the school year comes this weekend!  They are a group of about 15 doctors and nurses (mostly from Ohio) who will come to the Makarios school to see and treat the kids and their families.  They will also spend some time in the 3 villages we serve treating those in need of medical care.  Our job will be the pick them up at the airport, house them, feed them and get them where they need to go during their stay in the D.R.  Margaret has her work cut out for her cooking for so many and Paco will get  some good D.R. driving in as he takes the team to their various locations.  We are looking forward to hosting this group and would appreciate your prayers.

Two Makarios children taking a bath at their home
We continue to enjoy life here.  God has blessed us in so many ways by allowing us to live where we do and use the gifts He’s given us.  We see new things every day, and continue to meet locals who are incredibly helpful and friendly to us. 

Our Spanish is improving every day,  and although we’ve had a few humorous miscommunications we continue to press on in our language learning.

Thanks for joining us in the journey- we appreciate your love and support.  We will leave you with a few pictures from our life here in the DR

The Becks
Paco and our watchie, Miguel.  He's become a good friend

Our drinking water being delivered
Chichigua, one of the villages Makarios serves 
A view down our street

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  1. We love seeing the pictures. Such smiling faces on all who are around you. Loving you much, Judy & David Standridge